Quality of Teaching, Learning and Assessment.

It’s what you’re best at.




Quality of Teaching, Learning and Assessment.

It’s what you’re best at.




Quality of Teaching, Learning and Assessment.

It’s what you’re best at.

Put your stamp on the future of Apprenticeship Training

What does great teaching look like? How do you ensure that every apprentice achieves the best learning outcomes? And what does it take to deliver a robust quality assessment framework in a diverse and rapidly growing apprenticeship training environment?

Great questions – and you could now help answer them as part of the expanding ‘Quality of Teaching, Learning and Assessment’ team at JTL.

Build on our industry leadership

JTL works with over 3,000 businesses and trains more apprentices than anyone else in the building services engineering sector.

But join us and you won’t just belong to one of the largest and most innovative apprenticeship training companies in the UK. You will actively shape its operational and strategic success.

How? By driving the quality of our teaching and learning resources, implementing continuous improvement, influencing curriculum development, enhancing our systems, identifying new product opportunities…and more.

Expand your professional reach

There has never been a better time to join us. The government has set a target of 3 million people starting apprenticeships by 2020, and we are playing a vital role in making those apprenticeships truly world-class, relevant and fit for purpose for the future.

So don’t expect to stand still as part of our team. You will challenge convention and explore new ideas. You will set standards of performance and raise the profile – and value – of apprenticeships in the eyes of businesses across the country.

Take your own skills to a higher level

As you might expect, we hold full Investors in People accreditation.

But that’s only part of the story. Look beyond our formal investment in your professional development and you will discover an exceptional career environment. One that promotes open communication, effective collaboration and the recognition of individual effort and initiative.

Add to that attractive rewards, excellent benefits and tremendous autonomy over your own schedule and you will understand why it’s time to discover more…

We’re investing in the future.

Learning and Development starts with you

We are driven by a clear vision: to be the training organisation of choice to the building services engineering sector.

But that will only happen if we remain the employer of choice for talented people – like you – who have the knowledge, skills and ambition to take us from where we are to where we want to be.

So expect some of the best professional development resources in the industry and the encouragement to refine and expand your skills at every stage of your career with JTL. Our Investors in People accreditation means that we have both the resources and the will to put you right at the forefront of your profession – and keep you there.

Your own learning and development will be a continuous process. When you take on new responsibilities, or are asked to adopt new processes and procedures, we’ll make sure you have all the training you need, from one-to-one coaching to specially tailored courses.

It’s what makes us a leader in our field – and the kind of employer that will never takes your ability or ambition for granted.


“Looking back, joining JTL is the best thing I ever did and I’ve gained some impressive qualifications and achievements over the years.”


“The things I’ve enjoyed most about my apprenticeship are learning new things and visiting different places and environments up and down the country.”


“Since starting my apprenticeship I’ve not looked back. I’ve loved every minute of my work and apprenticeship so far.”


Join a Team of People
Just Like You

JTL is more than the sum of what it does. It is an organisation designed to harness the combined talents of some of the best training, learning and assessment professionals in the industry – a diverse group who all share an empowering set of values, goals and behaviours…

“It’s that special combination of strategic vision and detailed, hands-on delivery that makes my role enjoyable. I don’t just facilitate the learner journey: I am on it myself every day.”

“There’s something satisfying about harnessing new learning technologies and creating improvements in the teaching and assessment process. I feel I’m laying foundations for the future.”

“I love taking the best of what works and using that to develop and launch new products. We do more than just talk about innovation at JTL. It’s fundamental to everything we do.”